Water is life. Protect water now! Get to know more about water and how to protect it.


Water is the most common element on our planet. Water – is oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and water dams. It is also the bluish mass of high mountain glaciers and the endless snowfields. Lead-lined heavy clouds, capricious cloudlets, rain, fog – all this is water as well. It is also inside us: two thirds of human body is made out of water.

Water is not only nature’s most common, but also the most important liquid substance. It’s enough to say that life began in water. No animal or plant can survive without water. Where there is water there is life. Without clean, fresh water mankind, industry and agriculture cannot survive and prosper. By our everyday use of water, we got so accustomed to it and consider it such a common phenomenon, that we use the word water to denominate something non-interesting and long known.

Even though water is the most common element on Earth and its deposits are enormous, fresh water deposits are rather small. In order to satisfy the growing demand for water in industry, agriculture and our everyday use, it is not only necessary to search for new water resources, but also to use the existing ones more efficiently. Every year, man discharges considerable amount of polluted waste-water, either from industrial or communal waste-water and hence deteriorates the quality of surface and groundwater. Discharged waste-water should be treated and only contain residual, acceptable pollutants. Waste-water discharges are not to alter the natural properties of the water and must not give rise to harmful health circumstances.

Water is our wealth and the primary need. Knowing this, we must dedicate the utmost care to our precious water reserves: aim of the environmental protection is to create the most favourable conditions for life and work of man. Life of human beings and other life forms depends more and more on the survival of alive seas and oceans, rivers and lakes. Dead ocean, dead seas, rivers and lakes equals dead planet. Balanced and unobstructed water circulation in the environment is essential for the survival of global ecosystem.