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Our mission

Our mission is to look after the environment we live in and to improve living conditions of inhabitants in towns and villages. By designing public water supplies, towns and villages will benefit from hygienic and quality drinking water. Designing sanitary sewers and waste-water treatment plants will ensure hygienic disposal of sewage waters from agglomerations and their cleaning, resulting in:

  • Improvement of living conditions of the residents and environmental protection of towns and villages.
  • Improvement of water quality in streams and rivers by waste-water treatment prior to its discharge into receiving body of water.

Who we are?

INGPAK – H&K, s.r.o. deals with processing of preliminary planning documentation, project documentation and as-built documentation. Our company offers engineering solutions and other services in a given sector, according to client’s needs.

Company management

INGPAK–H&K, Ltd. was founded under the leadership of Ing. Stanislav Hlavatý and Ing. Pavel Kollár in 2005 by merging two privately owned companies: Ing. Stanislav Hlavatý- INGPAK and Ing. Pavel Kollár – Kollár, where they both worked from 1992 to 2005. The company founders have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of engineering and ecological structures design from their previous employment, first in Hydroconsult Bratislava and later on in Hydroeko Banská Bystrica, where they both worked from 1980 till 1992 as draughtsmen and Chief Design Engineers.

Our activities

Our activities mainly focus on:

  • Designing and engineering of water and ecological structures, mainly mains, water tanks, water resources, water pumping stations, sewage systems and waste-water treatment plants.
  • Operation and handling of materials for hydraulic engineering structures.
  • Execution of actual project and as-built documentation for hydraulic engineering structures.


The success of the company is based on the strategic cooperation with our business partners, on flexibility and openness when dealing with the needs of the customer. Our company’s good reputation among professional, as well as layman community together with our success in participating in tenders, contributes to the professionalism of the services we provide. The company is, in compliance with the law No. 25/2006 Coll., on public procurement and on the modification and amendment of certain acts, as amended, inscribed in the list of entrepreneurs of the Office for Public Procurement